Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Enduring to the end?

Dear Family
Elder Maxwell "Enduring is more than lasting: We are to endure well and to endure valiantly D&C 121:8&29.   The Lord sets the terms, He promised all that He has.  Endure in happiness to the end, Love to the end, Sacrifice to the end, Improve to the end, be kind to the end, be obedient to the end.  Enduring to the end means living to the very best you can each day.
So we are coming to the end of our mission and I want it to be the best.  I just filled out my last planner and it makes me sad.  We had such a spiritual fast and testimony meeting and I cried just thinking about leaving- so I could be falling apart as we speak.
 September seventh is Brazils independence day so we decided to go to the parade.  Very interesting, we enjoyed ourselves but let me say it was so hot no amount of water was enough and even though I was sitting under an umbrella and thanking Heavenly Father every time we got a breeze, I was actually happy when it ended.  A good experience one I do not want to repeat.  They let go a ton of black balloons I am not sure whether for those who had died in wars or in protest to the current government either way it way fun to see.   Some big old trucks and a helicopter that was pretty fun with a couple of guys hanging on.
 We had a wonderful family home evening with Renata and Marcello, Gilberto and Adriana and their family.  What a fun time!  We made Brazilian hot dogs and peanutbutter cookies and watched the movie called to serve, and had a fun lesson.
  Saturday we had a famly history activity at the church and alot of youth came and several other families.  Dad and the missionaries did a great job and I held the babies so they could. Good job mom right?
Tonight we will have sisters staying with us and again on Sunday and then it is transfer week and so, so much to do.

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