Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mission 2 - Week 12

Another full week to talk about:

We began the week with a full day of work on Monday, followed by FHE with the senior couples.  The lesson was by Br. Wilkinson about movies and there was a quiz on classic movies - which we didn't do too well on - I know, surprising!  However, it was on old movies, all of which were made before we were born.  I think we would have done better on movies from the last few decades...
Tuesday we went shopping at a local mall for some presents for our Christmas party at Ric's house Saturday night.  We got a huge mug that said "think big", and a nice picture frame - there was a limit on how much you could spend, kind of like white elephant.

Wednesday was the São Paulo West Mission Christmas party.  Mom went over early to the stake center to help set up and I stayed at the office as there was a lot to be done.  I went over about 3:00 in the afternoon and started taking pictures, which was my assignment for the evening.  It was a fun party with games, cookie decorating, dinner, skits, etc.  We left there about 8:30 and we were beat.  The group picture wasn't going to happen until much later, so I just left my tripod with Sister Thomas and we got a ride home with one of the other couples that had a car checked out.

President and Sister Thomas of the Sao Paulo West Mission

Thursday we took off of work and went to a couple museums here in São Paulo that were very fun, and took a walk through a city park - actually one of the oldest parks in the city.  Pictures to enjoy:

Art Work from the Museum


And More

Last one

(1) Train Station, (2) Birds being fed at the park, (3) Park Fountain, (4) Park Statue

(1) Lovely park, (2) Old Train Station, (3) #1 #2, (4) The Museum Entrance

Friday was also a day off for the are office, so we went to the temple with some of the couples and did some sealings and it was very nice to hear the ordinances in Portuguese.  Afterward, we went by the office and did some catch up work.  Then we did a little shopping and came home and did some cleaning, then in the late afternoon went to see the new Star Wars movie with the other couples.  Before the movie we grabbed a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut, it was really good!

Saturday we went out to Embu - the arts and crafts place - with the Sondereggers and their daughter Shelly that is here visiting from the US.  It was a fun trip and we bought a few souveniers, and a thing that goes along the bottom of your door to keep the wind (and bugs) out of your house.  After we got home we did some move cleaning and preparing, wrapped the gifts for Ric's party, etc.  We did some more food shopping and found wrapping paper at Wal-Mart.

Ric's party was a lot of fun and his family was very nice to us the whole night.  We got a little more integrated because Ric asked us to take the pictures during the gift exchange so I was telling people, "Hey, I need a picture." and stuff through the whole game.  It was fun, and they only allowed one steal of a present instead of 2 or 3 so the game went a bit faster.  The food was very good, they had chicken, ham, lentils (yes, I did eat them), a salad with squid, and the typical rice and beans.  The desserts were also good so I tried a little of each one, then gave mom a bite of just the best two. :)

The main dishes, in a serving line.
(1) Some of Ric's family at the party, (2) Cheese appetizer, (3) Figs - actually quite good

We took Uber home at about 12:30 (well before the party was close to being over), and the ride started out a little worrisome because the driver was headed the wrong way - but it wall worked out as he made his way through small back roads to our apartment.
Today, Christmas, we only had Sacrament Meeting and it was very nice, great talks about being Christlike (using the beatitudes) and looking forward to the new year and improvements that we should focus on - like being Christlike.  After church we enjoyed skypeing with the kids and seeing the grand-kids opening presents, what a fun day!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
We love you.
The Church is True.
Dad and Mom

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