Sunday, January 8, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 14

January 8, 2017
This week was somewhat uneventful, so this should be short and sweet.
We started out the week getting more work assigned to us in a travel department meeting on Monday morning.  They asked me to keep doing the registrations of new missionaries to Brazil, which I had taken on while Cristina was on vacation.  She's back, but we still have that work to do.  Then Monday, Daniel left on vacation, so we got more of his work - Mom was assigned Chile and Japan, which means she helps get visas for Brazilian missionaries going to those countries.  So, we spent the week trying to catch up on his work, since he didn't tell us anything or give us any training before he left.  Cool.
Monday night the FHE lesson was on J. Rueben Clark, and it was quite informative.  Grandpa really liked Elder Clark, and I understood more about why that was during this presentation.
Really the rest of the week wasn't noteworthy.  We're trying to put together a trip to the pantanal (Cuiabá), so that's taken some time.  I am also accumulating all my tax records so I can do my taxes from afar.  We found a new Chinese restaurant and tried it out one night, not too bad.  It was kind of funny because eating at the restaurant costs less than half of what it costs to order the food for takeout (even without delivery!).  We couldn't figure out why, so we just ate there...
Saturday we went over to Makro, like Costco, and spent about US$150.  We made some good chili this week and took some around to other couples and we played 5-Crowns with the Sondereggers last night.  Today, we had Fast and Testimony meeting and it was very nice, people have returned from vacations so the chapel was nearly full.  Classes were very good, as usual.  Our bus rides were also uneventful, about 45 minutes there and about the some returning home.  Mom got a very nice belated Christmas present from one of the women in the ward - it was very sweet of her.
That's it, we hope that all are working on your new years' goals and making great progress.  We are working on ours... I wish I could say it was with great progress. :)
Here are a few pictures from this week - just random shots:

View of Neighborhood taken from Makro (Costco)

Fire Drill Last Week, we all left the building...

Another temple shot with the Brazilian Flag
Love you all,
The Church is True!
Dad and Mom

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