Friday, April 7, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 26

OK, so I know some are now thinking we are just on a big vacation - and in some ways compared to Cuiabá, it is kind of like that.  We only work about 30 hours in the area office during the week - but then we also teach English, attend the temple, attend and help at an assigned ward, and have other activities with couple missionaries.  We report a lot on those activities with the others... 😀

This week was just awesome, like most weeks here in the mission field.  After church on Sunday, we had lunch with Humberto and Tida, who is handicapped from polio when she was a child.  It was a nice lunch, cooked entirely by Humberto.  After lunch, Tida drove us (her car is all set up for handicapped access) to the bus stop where we caught a bus home.
For FHE Monday night, we had a movie night and watched African Queen, with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.  It was a lot of fun, everyone brought snacks to eat instead of our usual meal.
I still haven't been feeling well, and so I've been in a bit of a mood at times...  Tuesday we worked all day and then we taught our English class.  We had quite a good group again and it is always fun to team-teach with Mom.
Wednesday afternoon I went with a couple other Elders to work on getting registered to get a Brazilian Driver's License - and it took all afternoon.  The Area Presidency has asked all the seniors who drive, or may drive, to get licenses here in Brazil.
Thursday was a full day of work - my health was somewhat improved, but still having headaches.  Thursday night we went with Sondereggers and Sharmahds to see the new "Beauty and the Beast" and it was great.  Movies here are in English with Portuguese subtitles so it's like watching them at home!

More like "The Pretty and The Wild"

Friday after work we went to a new pizza place with several of the couples, called Margaritas.  The pizza was excellent, which was a good thing because it took quite awhile to get there.  In Brazil, most of the pizza is very thin crust and has hardly any sauce on it.  This restaurant (Italian) uses a thicker crust with a little more sauce.  There was some kind of traffic jam and we ended up getting off the bus, pretty much in the middle of the street, because everything was stopped.  Then we walked the rest of the way to the restaurant.

This was the traffic jam, so we walked.

These are inside the restaurant.  It was a nice place.

Saturday morning we went to a local cemetery and helped with the "Billion Graves" project, using an app on our phone.  You take pictures of the graves with the names and dates then upload them to the site.  The site then records and organizes them by cemetery location so people can search for ancestors, etc.  Some of the graves were a little creepy, but others were quite beautiful, and still others were just plain unique.  We were supposed to have permission to take any photos but the manager was nice and said we could take pictures but just a limited amount.  And he let us take a picture with him as well!  

There were a lot of these "Mausoleum" type graves.

There were also some very pretty flowers!

This is our group with the cemetery director.

We made it home in time to watch all 3 sessions of conference and they were wonderful.  I was surprised at how many either spoke directly or alluded to the "to do" vs. "to be" concept discussed when Elder Christofferson was here a couple weeks ago.
Sunday we went to lunch at a member's home and then watched conference with them in English.  They all speak English, having lived in Canada for awhile, and the son went on his mission to Ogden!  It was nice, then we took Uber home in time to skype with James and family before the last session.  After watching it, we skyped with the rest of the "older" kids.  You are all awesome!
Love to all,
Dad and Mom
The church is true.

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