Monday, August 28, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 46

Monday was a good productive day at the office.  My last overdue first registration was completed so now I'm caught up on both first and second (renewals) registrations!  Yea!  FHE was on couple relationships, and meeting challenges of being on a mission together, etc.  It was taught by a family counselor that is serving with her husband in the São Paulo West mission office.  Afterward, our little dinner group went to Galettos and we had the parmesan chicken that is always excellent.
Tuesday I still wasn't feeling well, but made it over to the office.  I had awakened in the middle of the night very sick (I was going to provide some details, but decided I'd better not).  It was girl's night out tonight so Mom went while I stayed home and rested.
Wednesday neither of us was feeling well, so we went over to the office and little late and made up the time by leaving early 😛.  Mom went over to the store and bought a few things while I napped.
Thursday morning we got up early and went to the Police station with the Moores to do their first registration.  We also did our visa renewals at the same time.  

This is the Moores with some of the Elders getting registered

We went over to the office in the afternoon.  Mom was so tired she put her head down on the desk and fell completely asleep!  This was a tough week.
Friday Mom picked up a temple session in the afternoon while I was still catching up on work in the office.  She sat next to a Sister from the Cuiabá mission - Sister Cônsolo.  Toinght we went over to Sharmahds for dinner with the Whitings and Shumways.  The food was great and we watched the new Independence Day on their Apple TV.
Saturday we went with Sharmahds and Whitings to the "swap meet" feira, as I call it, then to the Adidas outlet store.  I bought some kaleidoscopes from an old gentleman selling them on the street - planning on giving them to the kids in our ward when we leave.  We had Chinese food at our favorite restaurant off of Paulista avenue, then hurried home to get ready to go see "Singing in the Rain" at the Santander theater - where we saw "My Fair Lady" last year.  It was fabulous!  The Moores came along and we brought Sister Cox as her "going home" present and they all loved it as well.  Three highlights were the two songs "Bom Dia" (Good Morning) and "Faça Rir" (Make 'em Laugh), and then when Don Lockwood was singing in the rain - the theater had been set up to have real water dropping as if it were raining (indoors!) and he walked along kicking the water onto the orchestra and the front row of guests!  It was fantastic, but we did get home a little late.

Us with Sister Shirley Cox

Singing in the Rain cast

Sunday we made it to church (still not 100% though), and the meetings were very good.  We Skyped with the younger kids, then went over to Giovanna's for dinner with her family and a couple friends - that also spoke English.  The food and the company were wonderful.

Br Roman, Us, Son, Mom, Friends, Giovanna
A couple more pictures, just for fun - remember the colorful cows we took several pictures of?  Now it's colorful elephants all around town, here are two!

OK, last pictures - one of a beautiful flower here (grows on a tree), and the other one a picture of the temple under repair - it was closed for two weeks.

Love to all
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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