Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boston, here we come... maybe

We put in for a temporary assignment in Boston, Portuguese speaking.  We will know next Wednesday, April 30th if it is approved by the brethren.  If our visas don't get here before May 19th, we will be headed to Boston until they come.  We report to the MTC on May 12th and start the trip to Boston on the 19th.  We have to have our own car (so we're deciding whether to take the Suburban across the country again!), so we'll have 5 days to drive there - I'm thinking Cedar Point is a pretty good stopping point...  Anyway, we'll stay in Boston until the visas come then we'll drive back home, get ready, and fly to Brazil.  At least we don't have to drive our car there! :)
The mission president in Boston is excited to have us come.  He'll send us to one of the three Portuguese branches in Rhode Island.  Which will be awesome since it's one of the fifty states that we haven't been to.  We'll be working with the branch leadership to shore things up and try to bring back less-active/lost members etc.
We'll keep you posted

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