Friday, May 9, 2014

MTC then Boston bound

We go into the MTC on Monday, May 12th.  We finish up on Friday, the 16th, then drive directly to Becky's in Colorado.  We will pick them up and they'll accompany us all the way to Niagra Falls, where they will then fly back home from Buffalo, NY.  Yes, we will be stopping in Cedar Point!  We should reach the Boston mission by Wednesday afternoon, on the 21st of May.
The Boston mission president and his wife called us today to tell us how excited they are to have us come.  He will make a determination of which branch to send us to by next week, while we're in the MTC studying Preach My Gospel.  They have a vacated apartment from their decreasing numbers of junior missionaries, so he said it's no problem to put us up until we get our visas.  We are all packed (well, sort of) and will head up to Provo/Orem tomorrow.  It's been kind of crazy trying to remember everything that needs doing before we leave... but it will all work out.
We got set apart as full-time missionaries tonight by our stake president here in St. George.  President Tate (South Jordan) didn't feel comfortable taking it on since we've been gone so long and he couldn't get a response in time from the area rep.  Our stake president here did a wonderful job and was particularly inspired in what he said and blessed us with, given he didn't know us at all.  It was a very uplifting experience.
Love to all,

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