Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trip to Boston - Final

We made it! 
Got to the mission home in Boston yesterday and were met by Elder Vail, who oversees the Boston Mission Office.  He gave us the key to our apartment and introduced us to the assistants to the President.  We went to our apartment and it is awesome!  Nicer than any apartment that we've ever lived in... :)  We also got a new king bed and bedding, etc.  I'll post some pictures soon.
Today (Thu, 5-22) we were instructed by the sister missionaries in our area about what's happening.  We are trying to establish a "group" of Portuguese speakers in the area.  I didn't know that groups existed, but apparently it's a precursor to a branch...  We have about 16 people attending Sacrament meeting, which is the only meeting we hold each week - so far.  About half are children - so about 8 adults in attendance, and we don't know if the includes the 2 sister missionaries either.  The sisters love that we're here and were very excited that we brought the Suburban!  People have been shuttling members to church and now we can pick up 7 at a time.  Also, we're taking 7 missionaries to the Elder Holland mission conference tomorrow so they don't have to take public transportation as they had planned... how cool is that?!  Oh yeah, we get to hear Elder Holland tomorrow, awesome.
We bought a t-mobile hot-spot for our internet access, without a contract so we can discontinue at any time.  We had to do something because we're both speaking on Sunday - yes, in Portuguese.  So, mom is going to be using Google translate like crazy in the next couple days :)
Love to all.  The church is true,

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