Thursday, May 29, 2014

Four more days gone - 5/29

Another four days have sped by.
Monday - went to the Boston temple on assignment to help out for the holiday opening.  We worked the whole morning in sealings, as patrons - so our knees were shot.  The temple is beautiful.  In the evening went on visits.
Tuesday - met with a Brazilian couple to talk about the group we're trying to get people to attend.  They weren't interested, but we're going to Framingham with them to go to some Brazilian stores, etc. next Saturday.
Wednesday - visited a less-active woman who is starting to come to our group.  She is bringing (she's a chef) a cake to the baptism on Sunday afternoon.  Went on some more visits with the sisters, but not very productive.
Thursday - on Monday we were set apart as temple ordinance workers in the Boston temple, so this morning was our assignment 7am - 1pm.  It was very enjoyable and we just went on a session during one of the two-hour blocks to watch the people doing things.  The sisters came over for a monthly planning meeting tonight and four hours later - and a bunch of Cape Verde food made and eaten - we were finished!
The weather has been absolutely wonderful - 60's and 70's with some rain here and there.  Everything is so green, so basically mom wants to scrap Brazil... :)  But in my temple setting apart the temple president said "while here in Boston you will learn specific things that will be of importance in your future service in Brazil."  I guess he could be talking about future missions, but I took it as we are being prepared for this one.  As soon as it gets hot and it's 90+ humidity we will be getting prepared! :)
Love to all.  Church is true.

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  1. I think Mom gets this one birthday with beautiful Boston weather as her reward for working so hard :) I'm so glad you guys get to work in the temple and be so busy, that is fantastic!! Love you!!