Sunday, May 25, 2014

Four Days and it feels like so very much has happened.

After the mission conference with Elder Holland we all stood for him to leave.  Elder and Sister Holland and the mission presidency left and the spirit was so sacred everyone just stood quietly for several minutes.  I felt the spirit and i have thought Behold a Royal Army.  It was a beautiful feeling to be among such wonderful young men and women.  Then today as we sat in our little group of fifteen and partook of the sacrament a wonderful feeling of hope for this group came over me really we already love the members so so much.  Dad and I spoke in church in Portuguese and our assignment was to pick up people.  Dads talk of course was excellent and he told everyone he married well so that was good and people said they could understand most of my talk so celebrate.  Later we visited a family where the mother is being baptized next week.  Dad gave her daughter a blessing and we had a great visit.  Last night we went to a baptism of seven Cape Verdeans awesome experience all in creole Portuguese which of course means I understood even less.  The spirit was great the dinner after was crazy good David would love their spices. Today the Brocton Branch is confirming eleven new members.  We hope to find eleven people to teach.  Our district leader calls to see if we have a pulse and I found that amusing.  We have an incredible ward mission leader. Our meeting today was one of the best missionary planning I have been to.   We have seven hundred inactive in the area and a plan was set in motion to find them.  First send letters to each one with a request to return to sender with a forwarding address.  Then each ward missionary was assigned to an auxiliary to interface with and return and report.  Every new member is to search out a family and get it to the temple within one month.  And there is crazy follow up.  Goals were reported on and new ones made.  I felt I had just been in a spiritual business meeting if that is possible.  We are working at the temple tomorrow on Memorial Day.  Then will probably be assigned to work there each Wednesday.  And it has only been four days and I feel like this is a life time so much has happened. We work each day and feel so incredibly blessed.  We feel of your love and support.  We love you all so very much.
Love to all.  The Church is true.  Mom  


  1. Holy Cow- you guys have been busy! We told Melanie you got to listen to Elder Holland and she was like "What! that's awesome he's my favorite!!" So a little jealousy going on here, but it's all good. LOVE YOU!!

  2. I didn't even know you guys had this blog! Dub-t-freak! I had to catch up on your lives! Just found out you're on a mission... that's great! It's fun to hear your stories. Keep it up!!! :)