Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 1 at the MTC

Today was awesome.  We learned there are three types of sins - omission, comission, and no mission!  At least we're good on the third one :)
What a great day of training.  We met a lot of great senior couples, each with their unique story.  Many of them have been on two of more missions as seniors.  We got our little missionary white book and ministerial certificates, as well as our name tags.  We found that Elder Harris has to get a typhoid shot again, since the five years since he got it for Peru will now expire just before we come home!
Here's a fun highlight - when we got our ministerial certificates, they didn't let us sign them until they gave us full instructions - basically sign your full name as it appears on the certificate, even if you normally don't sign that way.  As we then finished signing, Mom practically jumps out of her chair and screams, "Oh No!" and two other ladies scream in the group.  I'm watching the whole thing and knew about the time mom did that she signed her normal name and not full "May" in the middle.  Once people had calmed down and we recognized that no one had a heart attack (which was really a concern here!), Sister Harris said what had happened, but then added, "it's OK, I can fix it" and she added the "ay" between the other names and fixed it.  The funny part was that the missionary lady who had given the instruction said, "Oh my, I thought there must be some big snake crawling by me!" :) :)
Speaking of heart attacks, one of the presenters said that heart attacks are not allowed.  He then asked, "You've probably seen the defibrulators out in the foyers?" "Another reason you can't have a heart attack - not one person here knows how to use them!"
Love to all, the church is true.
Elder and Sister Harris

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