Monday, June 2, 2014

Another 4 days (6/2/2014)

Well, it looks like we're settling in on a 4-day cycle of reporting.
Last week we drove out to the Boston Temple (about 40 minutes away) three times - this week it will be four!  I guess that's a good thing, but the mileage may kill us... and the Suburban.
We had a baptism yesterday, on Mom's birthday.  Helena (Landa) Barbosa Fonseca was baptized by Alberto Aguilera, the leader of our little Portuguese group.  No, I didn't see the stickers on her when the picture was taken... :)
People often go by nicknames, hers is Landa.  I had to bribe her 10 year old son, Jaden, to be still during the baptism - a wise use of 10 smarties, I think.
Today (P-Day) we went in to Boston for Mom's birthday and took a Harbor Cruise...
Not too bad of a selfie for us old folks (Mom's older than I am today!)
Here's the harbor, it's beautiful...
This is the steeple of the North Church where the laterns were lit as a message to Paul Revere...
And we learned he didn't say "The British are coming" because we were all still British back then!  He said "The regulars are coming."  And here's the old building where the constitution was read to the public for the first time - from the balcony up on the third level.
Boston is full of national history and we had a great day touring around.  We took the subway into town and the station is right under this same old building (also where the Boston Massacre took place).  We got to see where the tea was dumped into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party, and of course, we got to see the Constitution - the oldest functioning Naval vessel.  To qualify as "functioning", it has to travel at least one nautical mile under its own power.  So, each 4th of July, the ship is towed out to sea and comes back toward the docks for a mile, then is towed into port.  I don't think they want to risk the ship, since it only travels by wind power, which isn't totally predictable!
We had fallafels (sp?) for lunch, and a vanilla shake (my choice), both of which were delicious.  We are trying to eat all kinds of different foods while here, at least when we eat out.
It was great to talk to everyone last night, and we'll try to do it again on Father's Day (applying the "equal time" rule - which, as we know, is really just a guideline...).  If you kids want to work out times and let us know, that would be great - we're fine with the last set of times, but some of you might want to adjust...
Love to all.  The church is true.


  1. "The regulars are coming" sounds like a potty joke. I'm so glad you guys got to take a day and tour! (then you'll know where to take us if we make it there before the visas do :) Love you!

    1. Come soon the visas are not to be trusted xoxox