Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dear family
We are so very excited to skype with everyone tomorrow for Fathers day.  Life is awesome.  We just came from three spiritual experiences in three different homes.  We love the people from Cape Verde. Two good moments with the spirit.  One of the children in the last discussion asked how we know if we have done something wrong?  So the thought came to me, that when we hurt ourselves physically our bodies feel pain.  The pain is a blessing so we can fix what went wrong and get better.  When we do something wrong spiritually the light of Christ lets our spirit feel pain so that we can fix what went wrong and feel better. The discussion went on to other things but my mind was thinking some people have to live with physical pain but we should never have to live with spiritual pain He already felt it all. Second experience,  last week in the temple the matron said, her little grandchild said hold you grandma and she likened it to the Savior holding us.  This was a beautiful setting for the rest of my temple service.  All of you at one time or another when you were small said, "Hold you mommy" and now my grandchildren say it , "Hold you grandma"  I know it really means will you hold me, but the feeling I experienced as I imagined myself as a little child saying to the Savior, "Hold you Jesus" And having complete trust that He would was wonderful and I wanted you to imagine it too. We have been so so blessed here.  And thank you Mary for putting the video on the blog.  I love it so much. Love to all the Church is true

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