Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014

Dear family

Sorry every four days got away from us.  We think of you always but we are so busy and we are having such a blessed time.  Quick update, we were having a lesson with a great young man and I began to understand a few words can you believe it? I can be taught.  It was so fun.  We had an amazing day at the temple with all the senior couples, there are about thirty in this mission.  They work in the colleges, in record extraction, at temple sites, in employment and the list just keeps going.  This mission has a lot of couples and president Packard says he could use anyone who would come but he gets in trouble for recruiting.  But really this is an amazingly run mission with a powerful spirit.  For senior couples we pretty much just do whatever we can to build the kingdom and there are few restrictions.  We work on Thursday at the temple and we had a ran the baptistry yesterday... good times.   The conference with the senior couples after the temple session was held at the mission home, and it was awesome.

Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment:

Does this market name make you want to shop there "E-COLI" market anyone?!

This is a picture with a recent convert, who came to do her mother's baptism and confirmation in the temple, it was awesome.

 This is us at the site where "Gone with the Wind" was filmed - outside of Boston!  Who knew?!

This is our Zone - we are losing a few missionaries to transfers next week.

I'm sure we'll write again soon.  Love to all.  The church is true.
Dad (and Mom to begin with)

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  1. I really enjoy reading your letters. I love your photos. You both look so radiantly beautiful at the Gone with the Wind location!!! What a wonderful experience you are having! I laughed so hard at the "E Coli" Market photo.

    Love you,
    Ruth W