Friday, June 6, 2014

The Next Four Days (6/6/2014)

Hello kids
It was so wonderful to skype with all of you on my birthday.  How I love you and I am so thankful for the way you are living your lives.  And yes my grandbabies are remarkable and thank you so much for the way you are training them.  We have had such an amazing past few days it is hard to know where to begin.  We took Adolfina to the temple on Tuesday to be baptized for her mother.  What a wonderful experience and then on Thursday dad and I both had very spiritual experiences as we worked in the temple. We had a crazy fun time at the Adult Day care center for people from Cape Verde.  We served lunch and they were so sweet I really enjoyed it. Today we had a great spiritual feast at zone conference.  Let me say our mission president is totally amazing.  In my mind a spiritual giant.  He talked about," How to receive Revelation." Coming before the Lord with complete reverence and humility, like the brother of Jared. And speaking using the right spiritual words for prayer, and kneeling as a symbol of respect.  Then how to pray: specific, individual, using questions and then waiting for the impressions, asking for guidance to pray for the right things, and being 100% willing to act upon those  promptings and then asking is there more.  We were promised sacred spiritual experiences as we write down each prompting.  Then he took about an hour to help us understand what the spirit might feel like. How it enlarges our ability to love.  We might ask for help and it will come in our increased ability to love.  The way the spirit speaks is enlightening.  Then he went thru all the things we normally think about how the spirit speaks and expounded upon them.  Perhaps the kind of spiritual answer you receive comes by how you ask your question.  Do you want a yes, no conversation or real guidance?  Learn the language of the spirit and your life will never be the same.  I wish there was a magic way to let you feel how powerful his message was and somehow bottle up the spirit for you, but just know your dad and I are being so blessed.  And we thank you so much for your prayers, for your love, and for your support.  I thought my language skills were improving but we went to teach some people after zone conference and the only thing I understood was dad prayer at the end.  Keep the prayers coming.  The church is true.  love mom

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