Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July!

Happy birthday, America!
Here is a fireworks video, in case you missed them where you live.  We went to the wonderful display in Boston over the Charles River, along with music from the Boston Pops and this year they also had the Beach Boys attend (no, Lizzie, they aren't dead yet!).

 It was crazy crowded, but we had great seats because we went over early.  Here's a shot across the river, it was absolutely gorgeous:

Going home was kind of crazy, but luckily we befriended a couple behind us and they showed us the way out.  We had just gotten into the train station (crowded, first picture below - notice no people at the windows) when it started to pour buckets of rain.  We heard screams outside the station and people plastered themselves against the windows of the station trying to get out of the downpour.  Here's a picture (second one), not sure if you can tell...

Almost all the missionaries that went over said they got soaked to the bone in the rain coming home - we were quite lucky.
Here's a picture of our Zone in our 4th of July meeting today:

I don't know if you can tell, but the fireworks were reflecting off the building (bottom left) which was across the river, so that was also cool.
We have tropical storm Arthur dumping rain still today, but tomorrow it's supposed to be nice again.
Love to all.  The church is true,

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