Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014 - Fun with Cars... or not!

Hey All,
All is well, we love the Suburban even though this week has been one of car decisions.  We thought a small misfire would be an easy fix but of course it soon became a "what are we suppose to learn from this?!" experience.  We are grateful it is fixed now and big blue is once more a reliable taxi. 
This was our ride for the last 3 days as the Suburban was getting fixed!  Pretty sweet, except that the air conditioning didn't work... :(

I have however had more time to study so a few thoughts on faith and our relationship with Heavenly Father. We talk about faith as a seed, or a mustard grain and I am sure that is the start.  But the most important part is the " let us nourish it with great care."  Think of any relationship and what must be done for it to grow.  We work at it.  We experience growth together, we forgive one another, we serve one another and in the end we have chosen to build a relationship of love.  Faith is that ingredient that builds our relationship with God  Choose to make time for God.  Study and Pray, Attend church, Look for ways to serve Him, Include God in your decisions, in your thoughts and actions.  In the end you will have a lifetime of spiritual experiences and a Faith that will be a tree springing up to eternal life.  And then may God grant that your burdens may be light, through the joy of his son. Alma 33:23 And your soul will not hunger because you have more than a seedling of belief.  Really nothing new but a good reminder of why we are here on earth.
I'm (Dad) going to add something, too.  One of the things that is emphasized here in Boston is preparation, especially prior to meetings - any meeting, district, zone, mission, sacrament, baptismal, etc.  Preparing spiritually and being in a mindset to receive revelation is what it's all about.  Heavenly Father is wanting to reveal important things to us, but we have to be prepared and in a mindset to receive.  Our mission president, President Packard, is awesome and has asked each of us to be 15 minutes early to every meeting we attend, to make sure there is prelude music, and to spiritually prepare for each meeting.  It's awesome and we love it.  That's all.
The church is true. Love to all, Mom and Dad

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