Sunday, October 12, 2014

09 October 2014

It's been a bit since we posted, probably because there's not that much to report - a lot of office work is being done.  It's hot, but that's not unusual - this week was pretty much 100° every day, and it's only spring here.  We went on "divisions" last week in São Matheus, along with President and Sister Reber and the Davises.  Here's a picture.
Group on "divisions" in São Matheus (a new group in the mission)
We also fed the Elders in the office french toast (not in the office):
Breakfast - French toast with cream syrup
We found a really nice park (with mosquitoes), but it's too far to walk:
This is a map of the park, several Kilometers around
Speaking of walking, Mom and I walked down to a shopping area in town, about 1.5 miles from the office.  We left after work at about 4:00pm because I had to get some bills paid at the local "lotérica" (where all bills are paid, of course!) and it was closing at 5:00pm.  The shopping area is call "Praínha" (Pry-een-ya), which means little beach but we don't know why it's called that since there are no beaches around... funny.  We saw this cool group of trees with hanging yellow flowers on the way there, along with a shot of the city...

We went to two baptisms this week in our ward.  I got to baptize the two kids at the second one, and Mom was asked to give the baptismal talk at the last minute - fortunately (read, tender mercy) she picked up her little yellow thought book at home before the meeting.  Picture (font and kids and I):

Me with André and Andrea

We also got caught in the rain (real rain) for the first time, we were drenched - I'm not sure this picture does it justice.  We only walked (read, ran) from the office to our apartment, which is only a half-block away!
The banks were on strike last week - not too fun for us!
 A lot more pictures than words this week - next time we'll have more words... :)

Love you all,
The church is true!

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