Friday, September 26, 2014

Birthday Party - 24 Sep 2014

It was my birthday, so I thought I would post some pictures.  We had a BBQ our by our apartment pool with the elders in the office and the other office couple.  It was fun to have hamburgers and hot dogs, and cake and ice cream.  We even had french fries with the meal!
Mom had the great idea to burn a bunch (two boxes full) of paper from the office instead of shred it, so that's how we got the charcoal started - they don't have lighter fluid here.

Me - cooking burgers, etc.

Yes, I'm now 61... I know, hard to believe! :)

Elder Bonaro with office papers to burn

Love to all.  The church is true.


  1. Leave it to mom to be a Pyro. Between mom and dad, we kids had no hope of fire aversion.

  2. I knew I could blame someone else for our problems with fire! ;)