Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 17th 2014
Dear Family
So it seems like a long time since I updated the blog, sorry about that.  Life is wonderful and we are loving things here.  We got our new little couch and love seat they are the perfect size and we are thrilled to have a place to sit down when we come home.
Night view from our Apt
This is really our apartment building (we're on the third floor)
We had great training for the zone leaders and the Sister trainers. President talked about alignment to the commandments comes with a desire to pray, follow the prophet,  study the scriptures, and also heed the council from local leaders.  He really wants them to push getting those they teach to church.  We had that same goal when I was serving in Indiana.  We have excellent missionaries here.  They want to be obedient and serve well. Most of the training was done by the missionaries - it is wonderful to see the great leaders they are being trained to be.  We house the elders or sisters when they come for meetings or transfers and dad makes french toast for breakfast.   They all think it is amazing so they want to be assigned to us.  We love them all. We worked on the house for the San Mateus Group and Sunday they had their first meeting there.
San Mateus house - missionaries on top and meeting house on bottom!
It was awesome, they had 44 people attend and even though dad and I did not attend we were so thrilled for their progress.  So we had breakfast at president's home... sort of a thank you for the work being done in the office, and the assistants challenged us to a First Ever Bake off contest, so we called David and got "the cheesecake" recipe. We received the Best in Taste award!

Here are the 4 Elders in the contest - Our cheesecake is on the right...
This was somewhat of a miracle because we had to change the recipe from metric to ounces - also our oven's lowest setting is 350 degrees (which is only shown in Celsius!).  But the oven turned itself off after about fifteen minutes and we reheated it after we discovered it about an hour later.  It was nearly perfectly done so I truly believe there is no way to duplicate the process :).  The bake off was a blast and dad brought the indoor bocce-ball set so we played a round and it was crazy fun.  This Sunday we are heading to Campo Verde to meet with that group,

Group in Campo Verde, where we went with the mission President (far left in back, next to us)
Dad is driving the mission president's car, Puxa!.  We totally love the group there so we are so excited to get to go.  When I am not doing office stuff I try to write talks on different subjects in Portuguese.  If I ever get called to teach the sunbeam class I already have two lessons completed :).  Life is so fun.  Dad and I are so enjoying this experience. The church is true.  Dad will (did) fix this and add pictures.
xoxox mom

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