Saturday, February 14, 2015

Choose the right 2015-02-14 (Valentines!)

Dear Family
Happy Valentines Day we sure love you all.  Just a short update to my thoughts about protecting the gates.  We have had alot of training lately about cultures that creep into the mission, and give Satan power.  (Zone activities that go past six, music that isn´t approved, playing cards, three hour dinner appointments, etc.)  And what promises are given to those who are obedient.  Cool story, there are several waterfalls in the mission south that are prohibited.  Two zones in the south were hiking to some falls that they thought were ok they had hiked quite a distance and could hear the falls just ahead when they came to a sign that said these are such and such falls and they knew then that they were the falls that were dangerous.  They were almost there, they could hear the falls just ahead and one district leader said,"You guys do what you want but as for me and my district we are turning around."  Then another district leader said my district is also turning around.  The other districts followed and the whole zone turned around and went back.  That to me is guarding the integrity of the mission.  That is being firm at the gate.  Probably nothing would have happened and they could have seen the falls but the very fact they would choose not to is so impressive to me. We feel the obedience level of the mission rising and the blessings being poured out. Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing, especially if you don't see the immediate danger and you can hear the roar of the world.  But protecting the integrity of your family and your lives is what is important.

Now for our fun Valentines Day activity.  They don't celebrate Sweethearts day in February they celebrate it in June so yippee, we will celebrate it twice!  Today is the official start of Carnival. Which means nothing to us except we will be a little more careful.  We went to Nobres for a BBQ with members and non members and we really enjoyed ourselves.

I had Elder Davis do a Panoramic shot while I ran behind him and got in 3 of me! (not photoshopped!)
They were planning on fishing with us but last night it rained like crazy and the river was totally brown (Picture).
Yes, totally brown.
They told us that when that happens the fish can't see the bait so they won't bite.  So no fish, just really good steak at the BBQ.  
The friend had his own little grill setup, it burned alcohol.
We took this Awesome hike thru the jungle to a small waterfall which was lovely (Picture).
This is the trail we went down... awesome.
These were wooden stairs along the trail - notice the nice handrails, oops, there are none!
Sorry we're so dark in the picture.  I didn't take it! :)

This was our reward at the trail's end.
It was very humid but we could not have asked for a better day.  Dad climbed a rock and is king of the hill (Picture).
I came down via the tree - it was a little awkward!
I saw an amazing large bright blue butterfly (no Picture :() . We played a fun game called General which is a lot like Yahtzee (Picture)
Mom playing - the Brazilian ladies loved her, and she won, just sayin'
but we played with partners and if you say "baixo" (pronounced bye-show, it means "below" or "under") the dice numbers on the bottom are used.  Eu ganhou! (pronounced A-O gone-yo, "I won") It was fun.
Everyone is getting ready for Carnival, this was in a small city (Acorizal) that we passed through on the way home.
We traveled back and are now at the office getting ready for Sunday, but we are tired.  Our mission is Wonderful.  The church is true and you are all our sweethearts - Happy Valentines Day!
xoxoxoxo mom and dad

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