Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Update 2015-02-02

Hello, Dear Family
I realize that we start every blog the same way telling you how much we love you and how much we appreciate your support.  I guess somethings never get old.  Dad flew to Rondonopolis last Wednesday right after District Leader training on Tuesday.  Be exhausted for him, that was a crazy idea but the Lord has been blessing us beyond our own abilities since we arrived, so why am I surprised.  His objective get a contract signed, buy a fridge, microwave,stove, oven,  gas unit, bunk beds, mattresses, guarda roupe, table, chairs, desks and catch the bus home.  They arrived at about ten and tried to get the contract signed.  It had to be signed before anything could be bought.  The couple said, Why dont you come to our home first so they did but they did not want to sign yet so they waited.  Can you sign now?  No, we need to fix  lunch first so they waited. Can you sign now?   No we need to eat lunch, so they waited.  Can you sign now? No, I need to feed my mother, so they waited.Can you sign now?  No I need to shower so they waited.  Can you sign now?  No we will drive you into town and sign there.   They never once said no we are waiting until one oclock because we have an appointment with a lawyer to look over the contract.  They just kept making up reasons why they could not sign yet.  They had no idea until they drove up and parked in front of the lawyers office. Both Elder Richards and Elder Harris thought, there is no way this is going to fly,  They needed power of attourney for president Reber and all they had was his signiture on one page he had not even initialed the other pages.  But the lawyer must have delt with the church before,because she pointed out all the problems and looked at every page and said there is nothing out of the ordinary here.  I see no reason not to sign the contract. The other things still need to be done but she could have really made it impossible.  But she did not,que bençao!  So the race began.  They bought everything and left money with a clerk(in an act of faith to deliever everything) And caught the five oclock bus home.  About an hour into the ride they got a call saying we did not get anything, (heart drop) but by the time they had phone service again everything had been delievered.  The house will be set up to start a group in Vila Linda. The Lords hand is in the work and we thank Him for the miracles we enjoy pretty much on a daily basis.
This is the sweet turbo-prop plan we got to fly in.

I just put this here for fun - Mom by her favorite pastime... :)

This is the little yellow fruit on top of a rice and meat dish... see below!

Also quick note about this crazy fruit we tried the other day at the home of an investigator, pequi is the name of it, and they sell little bags of it everywhere. The table was beautiful and on the top of the rice and chicken dish was this cute little fruit.   Before we started to eat, one of the elders said don´t bite the fruit just scrape the edge with your teeth because the center is filled with spiky, barbed, needle like thorns that have to be surgically removed if you get them in your tongue.  Who eats that?

Yes, there are actually thorns inside the fruit... lame!
Two of our lovely sisters were robbed and spent the night at our home while their locks were being changed. We had a wonderful time together singing ,eating carmel corn and playing games. Dad even gave them new mission bags, scriptures, money and treats.  You might think why did this happen to these two amazing, hardworking sisters.  First, you have to know a powerful spirit of love and assurance was given to them and we learned some important thing from their experience.  When their bags were stolen so were their cell phones, house keys, money etc.  No way to call for help and our mission is very large.  Dad made stickers with emergency numbers and free calling directions to be put on the back of each name tag.  We are having duplicate keys made so we can get needed things out while locks are changed and we are working on a safety policy.  Sometimes the Lord needs to guide us with a strong hand.
These are the sisters that spent the night with us.  It was very nice.
We are partying today because a emergency transfer is sending one of our great sisters south and it is p-day so we need to send her out with a bang any reason to party.  We are also having the Davises over to watch groundhog day and having dinner.  It is difficult to find a good diet that fits in with my lifestyle.
We love you all the church is true.
Love Dad and Mom

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