Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We're just finishing up district leader training - a special training the President wanted to do in order to prepare leaders for the new President arriving in June-July of this year.  The new president is Brazilian - from São Paulo, and we've heard he doesn't speak any English! :)

Here are some pictures I missed, from past events.  I was going to go back and put them in the past posts, but figured most people wouldn't read back through things they already read, so I decided to make a new post.

We were in Chapada (the town) and found this tiger -that's my best scared face...

We visited a catholic church in Cuiabá and it was all set up for a wedding, very pretty.

A couple weeks ago we showed up to church and there was a full marathon going on out front!

We went over and helped the elders teach a lesson the other night - I love this shot.

Another lesson taught - just in a different way! :)
This one deserves a little explanation - I think in the past we mentioned the 2-minute challenge that we issued to office elders before.  If they could eat a banana split in under 2 minutes then Mom and I would buy it for them, if not, they had to pay for it.  So far, the first two sets of missionaries to try it are the only ones to have succeeded!  Our current office elders (shown here) are in a lot of pain as you can observe in the photo.  They have about 30 seconds left and a LOT of ice cream...

Love to all, the church is true

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