Sunday, January 4, 2015 experience

Dear Family
A short note to tell you of dads great eight hour experience putting tires on the mission car.  He and brother Davis left the office at eleven to go get new tires - they told the clerk what size they needed and even checked the sign above the tires to be sure, which is a process.  They then went to the people who are authorized to put on the extra brand tires and waited an hour.  When it was their turn the workers fiddled around for some time then came in to show dad and Elder Davis they had bought the wrong size.  They returned to the store with the tires to get the right brand and were pleased that they got the right tire and were on the way out the door when the door checker person indicated that they had paid for the wrong tires and had to go back in to fix it.  So they had to wait in line at returns and then wait in line to pay for the new tires which amounted to about a seventy cents difference! They then returned to the tire place and waited.  When it was their turn the car had just been put up on the rack and one tire off when the power in the place went completely out.  So they had nothing to do but wait, by now it was close to three o'clock and the place closed at six.  They tried bringing the car down by hand but it was too difficult so in the middle of a pouring rain storm this employee was standing in water trying to strip and rewire the jack so they could lower the jack and get the car on the ground.  Dad told Elder Davis not to stand in any water... while all this was happening a three car crash occurred out in front so all work had to stop so everyone could check it out.  They did get one old tire off and sent it across town to another place to mount on the rim.  At six the owner came in and told them to get the car down they all had to go home..  They were able to use the spare and the tire they sent across town and told dad and Elder Davis to return tomorrow and they could put on the other tire!  Everything is a party.  The good news of course was Sister Davis and I had a blast in the Air Conditioned office just laughing and working together.

Dad - I'm just happy this wasn't my Groundhog Day!!

On the rack, waiting for power to return... it never did.

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