Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 - A New Year

Dear Family
The New Year is filled with hope and joy.  Hope that I will improve, understand, and serve better and joy in the great gifts of God that are being given to me daily.  We are so loving the people of Cuiabá.  We went to Nobres yesterday to have dinner with a family. Some members and some non members all wonderful and kind.  We had a blast I learned how to make bread lasagna, got a lovely croquet table cloth, went to a beautiful river with falls, clear water, fish, and lovely people having fun.  Dad will insert pictures here.

At a friend's house, where we were fed and friendshipped.
Mom had to try out the water, of course.

There were large fish in the water where everyone was swimming and jumping in...

We and the Daivses by the side of the swimming hole.

We saw the Statue of Liberty on the way home... who knew!?
A very wonderful family blessed their baby today and dad stood in the circle, and we have pictures that were taken after.
Marcelo, Renata and their baby Davi (David)
Their first boy is named João (John), so they are a little backwards... :)

A very close family friend of Renata´s was visiting from Orem Utah.  She grew up in Brazil and went to BYU married a man from New Jersey and is living in Utah.  She asked me how my Portuguese was coming and I told her sometimes I understand quite well and other times it makes no sense at all.  She said that is because people in Cuiabá speak very fast and have a very difficult accent.  This is the part I found so funny.  She said it would be like mixing accents from New Jersey and Texas and then mumbling English which made me laugh and gave me a little hope that one day I would figure it all out.

Love to all,
Mom and Dad

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