Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transfers 2015-01-18

Dear Family
Always on the week of transfers we find ourselves underwater no matter how much we do to prepare. And this transfer was no different.  Three of our favorite sisters went home this transfer and we will miss their leadership and their wonderful spirit.
Us, with the sisters that left.
They stayed with us and we had a wonderful time together before they left.  And of course when we met the new missionaries the three new sisters coming in were very impressive - yet another testimony of the Lords hand in the work.  For training we make welcome packets and Dad does financial training.  He gave out his telephone number which was awesome because at three in the morning, Elder Batista called to say there was no one at the bus station to meet him and "I don't know where I am or where to go" (you can imagine).  Just thinking about one of you being in another country in the middle of the night at a bus depot with no one there caused my heart to pound.  Anyway, all turned out well and all missionaries are accounted for.  In a mission this large with the bus system how it is, that is bound to happen but I hate it when it does. Departing missionaries come in on Sunday, have departure training on Monday (which I oversee - not the teaching just the setting up), and then leave Tuesday morning.  The new missionaries come in Tuesday afternoon, receive orientation, and leave Tuesday night or Wednesday morning for their newly assigned areas.
Pres & Sis Reber with the new missionaries (Elder Batista is in back, far right!)
Then on Friday we do a leadership training conference that is pretty intense. Dad taught the Area book presentation this time and it was great.  He has a wonderful spirit and the elders listen when he speaks.  I helped by saying we were asked to train so the time is now Elder Harris´s... the end, Oh yes, and I did help with the prep work (Dad - Mom did most of the prep work).  Saturday they sprayed the office for bugs so we went to the mission home for breakfast then off to the Chapadas for a lovely hike.  Dad will include some pictures (yes, I will - here they are!).
This is the trail we walked on down to two waterfalls... Awesome!

Sweet clump of bamboo - over 30 feet high (two story building next to it)

These are the four elders in the office, Gadelha, Zárate, Richards, França

Yes, we were a little hesitant, but we had already grabbed an alligator by the tail!

Anyone reminded of Havasupai? (without the turquoise!)

I really wish this had been in focus - there were tarantula legs sticking out of this nest!

And, as usual, the clouds and sky were spectacular for the hike.
I made some sandwiches and the office elders came along for a picnic.  The day was perfect and we had a blast hiking.  This week we will inventory and prepare for district leader training.  We are totally busy and loving the experience. Of course, the church is true.
Com Amor, Dad and Mom  

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