Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmastime in Brazil (and Bolivia!) 2014-12-25...26...27 Part 2

On the day after we drove to Cáceres and then on to Bolívia.  Bolívia wasn't really what we expected, pretty small and it didn't give us a real safe feeling so we didn't stay there for long.  Crossing the border was interesting as the border guards were nice to us because they recognized us as missionaries.  Here are some pictures:
This is the Paraguay river - close to the border of Bolivia

Mom and I by the sign directing to Bolivia

Typical Bolivian street, a lot of red dirt

In San Matias by the border, there were a ton of these little shops

This was in the middle of town - Cristo Redentor

Crossing back over from Bolivia (the women stayed in the car)

Back in Cáceres Brazil, their beautiful marina

We saw this old abandoned church on the way home and stopped to take pictures
 These last ones are just to show what beautiful clouds we had on the whole trip:

On Saturday (our P-day) we drove up to the Chapadas to hike to the bottom of the big waterfall (Bridal Veil) that we posted before, but the trail was closed so we went into town and did some shopping - I'll have to post some pictures later since I don't have them downloaded yet.

All in all, Christmas was not anything like what we would have done at home, but very fun anyway.

Love to all!
The church is true.
Dad and Mom

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