Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Conference 2014-12-16

Dear Family
The purpose of life is to be happy and we hope you are all fulfilling your purpose in this wonderful Holiday Season.  We had a Maravilhosa Christmas Conference here this week.  Sister Davis and I created an altar using suitcases and sheets and wrapped boxes with the words: Disobedience, Fear,
Pride, Passions, Negativism, and (every ounce of energy, every hour of everyday) and one box with no words at all but it was wrapped beautifully.  And the theme was the power of a Consecrated Missionary.  The presentations were great and in the end president asked them to write on a card what they would put on the altar. After they wrote their gift they put it in the last box. It was a powerful presentation.  The final talk was once again reminding them to drink daily from the living water of the scriptures.  In Cuiabá the analogy of water is always good because it is very hot. so President began by asking them if they went without water for a few days what would happen to their bodies and then related it to the damage our spirits suffer when we do not drink from the living water of the scriptures. This is a true principle and I know there is great power in daily scripture study. We did so much work for the conference it was all worth it. Everything went so well.  Dad helped the office elders do that "little people" skit for the talent show and everyone one loved it.  

Little people missionaries - shave and put on ties for work...

We played Christmas carols on pipes, ate great food, and had gifts of oil vials, temple recommend holders, and laundry baskets.  We made spaghetti and meatballs for the sisters staying with us and of course a few elders came to eat as well. The missionaries love the USA spices so thanks for the flavoring packets.  We have yummy bread rolls here so we had lots of garlic bread.  We really love the remarkable , good missionaries we work with.  They make us smile.  Last night we went to an amazing stake cantata I felt the Christmas spirit so very much.  I hope dad can attach a clip from the canata for you it was amazing. We thank you all for your support and we pray for you in every prayer. Thanks for being such awesome people.  The Church is true.  Com Amor, Dad & Mom

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