Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmastime in Brazil (and Bolivia!) 2014-12-25...26...27 Part 1

Some have been asking about Christmastime in Brazil and what it's like, so I'll give you some insights.  We, of course, had our mission Christmas conference, with training and skits, etc. which Mom wrote about and it was great.  We also went to the mission home for a Christmas dinner with the President and his wife, as well as the Davises.  We went downtown to see some Christmas lights (per Mom's request :)) and got our picture taken with Santa:

Manger Scene
This Govt Building changed colors - green, blue, red, pink

One of the Angles in the Park
Here we are with Santa - Feliz Natal!

On Christmas Eve we went to a less active member's "lancheria", which is like a big hamburger stand.  We showed up at 8:00pm because he said he was making a big dinner for his friends and people generally eat later here.  He said to come back about 9:30 or 10:00pm because the food wouldn't be ready until later.  So we went to our house and played 5-crowns with the Davises (Sister Davis won).  We went back over for dinner about 10:30 and things were still far from being done so we waited and waited.  About 11:45 we started dinner!  We didn't have any idea that it was like a Christmas Eve tradition and at midnight everyone came over to great us and wish us a Merry Christmas - kind of like our New Years celebrations.  The food was amazing (kind of like a David and Jessica event!):

Fruit table

Meat Table

Dessert Table
On Christmas Day (mission P-Day) we drove out to a marina by a big dam that provides electricity to many communities.  We got home in time (a little late) to google hangout with the kids and that was the highlight of the day for us:

This river was totally brown, probably from all the rain...

A little Pond at a Posada by Nobres (Bom Jardim)

Real Banana Trees, with lots of Bananas!

One of the few places we actually saw thatched roofs.

And this is the Marina we went to see!

To be continued...

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