Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Update 2015-03-03

This month we had Seven English missionaries go home and we will miss them.  Here is a few thoughts they shared in a letter back to president, "A good missionary is a missionary who changes your heart. The Lord wants us to prepare for a lifetime of dedicated service, all of this hard work has refined me so I can be a more useful instrument in His hands."  Another Elder wrote, "The choices we make now will have eternal consequences in the life that is to come.  If we cannot give our best in these few years here on earth, will we be able to give it our all throughout our eternal life.  A mission is a good practice in pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ."  One of our elders when he arrived here had a very disobedient trainer, being the only active member of his family, having no support, decided he would go home.  He spent a few days with the AP´s before president could get back to Cuiab√° and talk with him.  His stake president said they had reactivated him a year earlier.  President knowing all this, expressed a great desire for him to stay in the mission. The Spirit worked with him and he decided to stay.  He was one of the zone leaders at our last training, now a very good leader.  I wonder what his parting feelings will be? I guess what I am trying to say is I hope my mission will change me. I am staying but am I changing?  I realize this was in the news letter but this blog is some what like my memory blog and I wanted to remember this.  The church is true.  Com Amor Mom and Dad

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