Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mission Comic 2015-03-24

This last transfer we got a new Elder in the office to take over some of the finance responsibilities.  He's actually somewhat famous here in Brazil because he had a comic website called the Adventures of Wesley (his first name).  There a millions of followers of his site, and a lot of people here in Cuiabá know who he is, so that's kind of cool.  Last week, he made this comic to emphasize the importance of sending in the baptismal record sheets to Sister Davis:

1. Look at the horizon Elder Ping
2. What is on the horizon, Elder Mercês?
3. There are thousands of people
4. Thousands of millions of people
5. And all of them are going to be upset with you
6. When they find out that you baptize and confirm but don't send the baptismal records to Sister Davis.

So, we now have a celebrity (in an emergency!) here in the office!

Love to all.

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