Monday, April 6, 2015

Update 2015-04-05

Dear Family
Just Another Day in Paradise, This past few weeks have been wonderful, we eat wonderful food way too much,  We had a several wonderful meals with the members here in the area and they cook so well.

We had a fun discovery when a sister came in to stay with us for conference.  She's leaving for home and came in a couple days early.  We found that she knew Jenny when Jenny was in Peru!  We texted Jenny about it and Jenny sent back a picture of a hair decoration - Sister Jimenez had made it for her six years ago!  What a delight, especially since she is such a good sister - we will miss her a lot.

Easter eggs are a little different here - they are huge chocolate eggs, often with toys and things inside.  It's a big thing here, so they don't do colored eggs or easter egg hunts, but everyone buys the big chocolate eggs.
I almost bought one of these, but Mom wouldn't let me :)  About $20 US.

I did buy this one, even though Mom said no.  It had a toy inside, but we gave it to Sister Jimenez.

We visited the Pantanal again and it is so beautiful there.  I will add another entry with just pantanal pictures.

This is the resort (pousada) where we stayed

It really doesn't get much better than this.

Mom's favorite bird - tuiuiu (2-U-U), stands about 4 ft high
We sang Popcorn Popping in Portuguese as we threw out Popcorn balls to the audience.  The singing was truly awful, but they loved the popcorn balls!  Sorry we didn't get a better picture...
Throwing the popcorn balls - notice our most awesome tree! :)
Our Office Elders are leaving us and the new ones have been here training.  One of the new ones is a wonderful cartoonist and he made us a Pantanal cartoon for Easter.

This is us in the Pantanal, by our "on-staff" cartoonist.

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