Monday, April 6, 2015

Pantanal 1 - Animals

Here are some of the animal shots from the Pantanal:
Sweet and short alligator video - yes, we were in a truck!

The alligators with the light under-belly are more aggressive, that's why I had to get close to get this picture! :)

I hope you can see the two Araras in the tree (like the "Rio" blue birds).

Not a bad Monkey shot, using my small orange camera.  I did miss my Nikon on these.

We came across an armadillo that quickly dug a hole and disappeared

I had to include this picture of the tower we climbed (60 ft high).

When we left for our boat ride we came across these alligators sunning themselves. (still in the truck!)
See if you can pick out all 10 alligators (one in the distance across the bridge).

This guy jumped into our boat while we were on the boat ride,  Our guide quickly grabbed him and threw him out - no free rides!

Another one I could have used the Nikon on, but again the little orange comes through.

This was a baby monkey, a little bit later he jumped on his mom's back and they took off - couldn't get that shot.

Multi-colored bird right outside the door of our resort room.  It was awesome to lie in bed listening to all the birds.

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