Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Update 2015-05-17

Dear Family
We have been so busy I don´t know if we will be able to get caught up.  This past week was transfer week, Zone leader training and then we took off to go to Sorriso for the weekend and visit the branch up there, and the other senior couple.  Really it has been so much fun.  We went to a very weak sauce rodeo - so Brazilian with prayers to Mother Mary, a lot of drama and very little rodeo, but we had an experience. (So thanks for that!)

We (little we) paid these guys about $7 to serenade us while we had dinner at the Rodeo
(remember Mexico?!)

Yes, that's a big bull.  It started to move and I jumped off... :)

Luckily the entire night was not a waste, we got to see an amazing sunset and pay coming and going on a toll road. (Thanks for another experience)  Saturday was wonderful, we went to Sinop to a park and saw monkeys and birds - pictures below and more on another blog entry (too many for here).

Sunset shot

Another one on the trip

Stopped at a river on the trip

Sweet cloud shot on the way - yes, with the little orange camera!

Mom feeding the monkeys apples at the park

Mom with a macaw (arara in Portuguese).

My turn to hold the bird.  Very cool.

Went to take the picture and they all straightened up and turned their heads, as if to pose for me!

Then Sunday we went to the branch in Sorriso.  What a delightful time we had.  I prayed in RS and we bore our testimonies in Sacrament meeting, it was great to experience the power of the spirit like that again.  We loved the branch there.

Hotel where we stayed, quite nice $82 a night - not bad!

Church building in Sorriso, it's a rented house but works well for the branch.

The three missionary couples, with a member family there

We are now home again catching up on things.  I still haven't typed in all my notes from the amazing Conference we had with Elder Christoffersen, but I will as soon as things slow down. (In a couple of weeks :) )

We love you all so much.  Stay on the Old Ship Zion.  The Church is True.
We are all so blessed, love Dad and Mom

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  1. Those pictures are ridiculous. Carly asked us if next time she can go to Brazil with you so she can feed the monkeys. I said maybe. Courtney said no.