Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another Update 2015-05-24

Dear Family
You probably think whenever you see the pictures we send all we do is eat and play which is only half true - sometime we pay and eat!  This past weekend we went to C├íceres for branch support and we did have a blast.  The talent show scheduled to begin at seven started at eight thirty.  Even knowing that it will start late, we are there on time ready to sing popcorn popping and throw popcorn balls to the audience.  President and Sister Reber, Elder and Sister Davis, and Dad and I were all singing,  I don't think any of us sang all the words!  Dad was the only one who knew them all, but it did not matter at all we just laughed and threw popcorn balls.

This little girl was super cute, everyone wanted to take her home with them!
A new Elder in the mission participating in the talent show (Elder Yabiku)

We went to a hamburger place after and it took over an hour to get and eat our hanbugers.  I am not complaining but just sharing tradition.  Waiting for food  in Brazil is a pass time and every meal is slow going, but when you're hungry... not always the best tradition.

The next day was our P-day so we wanted to take a boat ride on the river, which we did, thanks to Dad and his wonderfulness and it was lovely.  Birds, flowers, clouds, iguana, fishermen and sunshine - pretty amazing.  We really enjoyed the day, returned home about five o´clock.

Our boat and boat guide.  He was very nice - a 2-hour ride cost us each about $12.50

Straight out of the Hitchcock movie - "The Birds", all flew into the air as we passed.

Mom made me take pictures of birds... :)

The clouds are always spectacular, today was no exception.

Mom made me take this one also, a pretty little flower on mini Lilly pads, cool.

A new bird we had never seen before.

Look closely and you'll see the Iguana in the bushes.

This bird was funny, instead of flying away, he just plopped into the water (and sunk initially!).

Another bird.
I had to add a couple more cloud shots.

Sunday (today) I spoke in church on the blessings of the Holy Temple.  It was a wonderful experience with the gifts of the Spirit and the power of the priesthood.  Dad gave me a blessing because I felt so nervous, even though I had been preparing all week. And I really felt calm when I spoke and even when I made mistakes I just felt the prompting just keep going, it was a beautiful experience.

Well my hope is to have Dad add pictures to the blog so you can enjoy our river trip with us.  So just keep on going and you will feel His love.  The Church is True.

Love Mom and Dad

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