Saturday, June 27, 2015

Update 14 June 2015

Dear Family
Today is Sunday my favorite day.  The work here is wonderful.  Last Sunday we attended a fireside where President and Sister Reber spoke.  They asked dad and I to bear our testimonies which we did and I have worked all week on improving my testimony skills as a wonderful result of that experience.  Dad taught Priesthood today and enjoyed the spiritual blessings of service. (Plus he speaks the language and can understand the comments, bonus!)  We have been attending baptisms regularly and Queine was baptized last week it was wonderful.  She has become a friend I look for each Sunday.
One of the baptisms.

We attended movie night in São Mateus and I made a bunch of popcorn and we watched "The Other Side of Heaven" - It was pretty fun in Portuguese (and they had a churrasco as well).  We had a family home evening last Friday with Morgana and Marcos and their cute little son.  Their baby Marco is a joy and I love to love on him. We hope they will be baptized soon.  They lose a lot of money to taxes if they get married because they are in business together.  From their perspective their marriage is real.  Oh the joy of corrupt government.  Yesterday, on Sunday, we went for a walk in the park and found these darling little monkeys, they were tiny but I think that is their normal size.

One of the little monkeys, they were a lot of fun - very active!

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