Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July Update 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

We have a new mission president, President Adilson I. Oliveira, and his wife Elizabeth Oliveira.

They are wonderful people, both long-time members of the church here in Brazil.  They are from São Paulo, and he headed up the Institute program there and was a teacher for many years.

We had transfers and saw 18 of our best missionaries return home last transfer.  But we only received one new missionary - a Sister missionary from Paraguay.  It was hard seeing President and Sister Reber leave, we had dinner with them their last two nights.  The first night we made chili dogs (which were quite good!) and the second night we went out to eat at Ney's place for hamburgers.  It was a good time, until we went back to the car and found it had been broken into and Sister Reber's purse was stolen.  That was sad, but fortunately no documents or very important things were in the purse (and almost no money).

I think we forgot to put in this picture of Mom with her "birthday" gifts! :)

The last two days have been large zone conferences here in the North - we do two zones each conference, about 50 people a time.  We (Mom) had to make breakfast for them each day, so Mom made a bunch of cinnamon rolls (they were awesome!) and banana bread, and we added apples, bananas, juices, water, and some sweet breads that we bought.  It turned out great.  The conferences were good, they were mostly to introduce the new President and his wife, and so that they could get to know the missionaries as well.  President Oliveira did interviews after each conference for those that live outside the city.

We tried to replace a light bulb in our bedroom (the only one) and the wiring sparked and the light wouldn't work.  Mom wouldn't let me do the electrical work... something about being electrocuted and dying, so we're in the dark (go ahead, I left it wide open!).  Then this morning one of the Sisters staying with us pushed down on the sink (I don't know why you would do that) and it fell down into the cabinet!  Good times! [As of this update, both repairs have been made]

Elder Davis no longer is authorized to drive (and neither am I now that the church changed up some of its policies), so we don't have a car to get around in.  This is a picture from our first bus ride - we're pretty good at it already! :)
Bus Rides are fun!  We almost lost Mom and Sister Davis on the last one!
At the park.

One of the baptisms that we attended this month.

All is good here, we're starting to prepare for David and Jessica and Eli's visit next month!
Love to all, the church is true.
Dad and Mom

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