Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mission 2 - MTC Week

Dear Family
Week one in Brasil has been amazing but I wanted to go back and write a few memories of the MTC experience.  The Spirit in the MTC is a scared experience one I wish you all could have shared with us. I liken it to living in a terrestrial kingdom experience because everyone's desires were for you to succeed and feel good and come unto Christ in a better way.  I really enjoyed this time in the MTC  so much more because I knew that teaching the "investigators" would be a good experience and not as scary as last time.  Monday we heard a talk by Sister B...  about her mission experience.  When they opened their call to work in the New Zealand area office their daughter told them she was expecting her fourth child.  At five months they discovered that the baby had spina bifida.  She was selected to have a experimental operation on the baby while it was still in the womb. They all fasted and prayed and felt that the operation would help.  Her daughter had to be on complete bed rest.  It soon became apparent that she could not leave her daughter because her other children, the house and other duties were impossible for the daughter to take care of.  So, after a long discussion, she and her husband decided to delay their mission - they would call Salt Lake the next day. When she told her daughter that night of their decision, her daughter said, " Mom, do you think Heavenly Father has forgotten that he called you on a mission?  Do you think He forgot that I am having a baby with spina bifida?  No, you must go.  We are desperate for the Lord's blessings!"  It made us both cry (and me again as I'm writing this for Mom!), and it was a tender mercy for Mom to hear as leaving the grandkids is one of the hardest things to do.  And so is leaving pregnant daughters and daughters-in-law!
These are a couple pictures of our MTC group (1st week) and district (2nd week):

The Church is true!

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