Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mission 2 - Week 4

Another great week in São Paulo!  (well, sort of!)

I'll start with all the fun stuff we did this week.  A bunch of shopping, bought some Christmas items, food, office supplies, a credit card, etc.  A bunch of eating, mostly of our own cooking, and quite good too.

We ran into Sister Barbosa, from the Cuiabá mission outside the area office!  It was so much fun to see her again and visit with her.  She didn't have much time on Wednesday when we saw her, so she came to our house for breakfast on Thursday morning.  We had french toast, of course, and reminisced about old times and were brought up to date on what's happening in her life.  It was so nice to visit with someone we knew.  That's three pieces of toast that I'm flipping at one time (albeit small pieces).
You can never go wrong with French Toast!
Wednesday night we went to the temple.  The Relief Society had asked Dad to take a picture of the Sisters who attended as part of the history they keep so we went a little early and got a few pictures of these very cool green parrots that live in the top of the palm trees.  They are called Maritaki birds and they are awesome.  The session was so wonderful.  I went in and sat down next to one of (Our) sisters from Boston, Sister Roman.  I hugged her and it was so great.  All the power went out at the end of our session and the back up generator was not functioning - luckily we had finished, but it was fun dressing in the dark! Sister Roman and her mother gave us a ride home even though we live two blocks away and they had to drive six blocks just to get us home. Wonderful times.
Mom and Sisters from the Ward (Morumbi)

Mom and Sister Roman (power out and raining)
On Friday we had kind of a bad day at the office - Mom had sent an info packet to a missionary that hadn't yet received his call (but we think it was our trainer's fault and not ours!)... kind of a big deal.  Then I have a missionary that hasn't yet done the renewal and the mission is Cuiabá, so I kind of had to be soft in my email to them.  But bottom line, not good either.  One of our co-workers came over and said "Don't worry, here in Brazil you have 3 months to learn your job before we give you the boot!"  It was pretty funny.

Saturday we relaxed and went to a big park in São Paulo that had the Lego display - "The Art of The Brick" and it was really fun (Pictures at the very end!).  We went with several other couples, so that's always fun.  Two of them made fun of me for not knowing where to pick up the bus, which I thought was pretty immature - then I realized that I needed to get over it, it's just that darned old pride kicking in.  So I let it go...after I pushed them under the next bus!  jk, didn't really push them :)
This is the group we went with (and a policman that did our tour)
One of the monuments at the park

This is the Tower Monument over the tombs (below)
We also toured a São Paulo monument for the rebellion of Sao Paulo against the rest of Brazil back in the early 1900's - it was a very interesting place (the first group picture was taken in front of it).  The weather was too perfect and the park was beautiful.
Tombs under the Monument to São Paulo Rebellion
We were worn out when we got back, and the Mom realized that she didn't have her fitbit on the whole time!  So she pushed people under the bus!  jk, didn't really push them :)

We went over to Pão de Açucar (bread of sugar), a local grocery store and paid to put money on a Brazilian Master Card that we bought here for $4.50 (it's one you can add money to).  I thought it was a good idea to carry a local card around, and it can only be used for the amount on it so our loss is limited.

Here are the lego pictures I promised!

We love you all, the church is true, keep the faith,
Mom & Dad

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  1. Oh my gosh those Lego creations are amazing!! And I know there was no pushing...but you kicked them right?!?