Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mission 2 - Week 5

Hey Family,
Well I (Mom) am officially illegal in Brazil - you have only 30 days to register with the police, and I haven`t been able to get an appointment and they won`t do anything without one!  No one seems too worried or concerned, so unless they put me in jail--It's all good.  I took cinnamon rolls to work this week - payment for Friday's English slip up.   Monday was Halloween so we bought bags of candy to give to the primary kids who were having a party in the quad area. Monday night we attended a very insightful FHE given by the mental health counselor (Psychiatrist) here in the area office.  She shared her experiences on a council where she represented the church to discuss and come to agreement on the handling of same sex attraction (she labeled it SSA).  We received some material so if you are interested I can scan and email it to you for reference (meaning Dad can).  We then went to dinner with other senior couples here to a Padaria (Bread store).  The food looked delicious but my sugars have been high, so (every once in awhile I try) I just had salad, which was also quite good.

Halloween activity at our apartment complex

Tuesday we worked very hard (just in case you are wondering if everyday is a holiday).

Wednesday actually was in fact, a holiday.  It was "Day of the Dead", which is equivalent to Memorial day in the U.S.  So Dad arranged for a van to take a bunch of us to go to Campinas to the temple - To do work for the dead... não é?  The Campinas temple is about two hours away, but still in the state of São Paulo. We had a wonderful time.  After the session we went to the mall for lunch - yes, they have a Johnny Rockets here in Brazil.

Campinas Temple (and flowers)

Campinas Skyline, view from Temple

In front of the Campinas Temple

Johnny Rockets for lunch, their dance was pretty entertaining

Thursday Sister Barboza (Tamiris) came for breakfast and taught me a Portuguese lesson.  She will be a lot of help if I can accomplish all my goals. She is a doll and I love her.  Then we went to a wonderful meeting at work where our boss's boss talked to everyone about working conditions, basically the results of a church-wide survey.  Question, how would it be to work in an environment where prayer, personal joy and spiritual improvement were the focus?  Well that is our life, and it is mostly wonderful.

Us with Tamiris (Sister Barboza from Cuiabá)
Friday we were working hard and dad was helping prepare for the up coming Mission Presidents' Conference so we thought we wouldn't make it to the temple but we finished up right in time and ran home, then back to the temple just in time.  I told them at the veil that I still needed the card but they forgot and I had to go through with their help.  It was so wonderful, and Dad now can go through with no help at all, completely in Portuguese.

Saturday we went to the feira (outdoor market), and got a lot of good vegetables and one "thanks for the experience" moment.  Saturday night we went with Celso (our non-member friend from Cuiabá who we played tennis with on our last day there) to a very excellent Italian restaurant.  I am happy to say I ate what I wanted - vale a pena!  So on the way over we took the bus then the subway then walked five blocks and arrived right on time.  On the way home we just took one bus.  This can only happen in Brazil if your are married to a genius and have the Lord on your side.  We had a great night.  Dad did hurt his back some how (maybe the jarring bus ride?) so a little extra prayer would be appreciated.

Us with Celso at the Italian Restaurant - very good food!
Outside the Italian Restaurant, very nice area (bottom right is inside!)
Sunday is here and we are so grateful for a day of fasting and prayer.  Our joy over you and your accomplishments and progress is immense.  Our hearts are filled with love at the thought of any one of you amazing, beautiful, remarkable pessoas!   It's raining again here, too beautiful for words.
Keep up the good work.  The Church is True.
Love Dad and Mom

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  1. I have mighty good looking parents!! And the temple is beautiful, I'm super excited you guys get to go so often!