Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 36

We're catching up slowly, but still making some progress... a lot of people go to school for 7 years!
Monday, we went in late to work but made it most of the day.  I came home afterward but Mom stayed for FHE - I didn't miss much apparently, it was on getting names off of graves in North Dakota...
Tuesday, still recovering, but worked most of the day.  Passeys volunteered to teach our English class for us so we took them up on it and just came home to rest.
Oh, here's the "rest of the story" of Mom's purse getting lost at the temple.  John got a text in Portuguese from Mom's phone, telling him that this woman found the purse and would like to return it - she said she was honest and a Mormon!  What had happened is that the woman had picked it up at the temple, thinking it belonged to someone in their caravan group from a neighboring city (2 hours away).  She took it home to her city instead of turning it in to the temple lost and found (where we could have easily picked it up).  So we called before the reunion trip and got her name and number on a small slip of paper - as we were rushed trying to leave on the trip.  The maintenance people came into our apartment to do some work and apparently thought that slip of paper (which I had left on the table by the TV) was scraps from their work and they threw it away while we were gone!  It's kind of crazy.  So, we get home from the trip and can't find the paper anywhere, so we don't have her name or number - and we didn't know how we would get to her city to pick up the purse anyway.  So, as non-coincidence would have it, we had met an American who lives here in Brazil just a few weeks before in the Temple parking lot.  Well, he lives in that same city Guarujá!!  I called him and said, "I'm so sorry to bother you, but I need some help."  He responded, "Tell me what I can do, and let's hope that I can provide the help you need."  Such a nice guy - he's Alf Gunn's brother, and we had met Alf when we lived in the state of Washington - I know, the whole thing is cray cray.  I explained the whole thing and he calls me back in about an hour and says, "OK, good news, I found the purse and I'm picking it up tomorrow (Saturday), and I'll bring it in to you on Tuesday when I come to the temple."!  It was amazing, and yet another blessing we are grateful for - the purse didn't have money in it, but it had Mom's iPhone (church), and her iTouch (Dad's), and her favorite sunglasses...
Wednesday, about the same, didn't go to the temple as we usually do on Wednesdays, and just came home after work.
Thursday was Mom's birthday!!  It was great, and a lot of people called to wish her well.  Work bought her a cake and they all sang to her in Portuguese.  We went up to El Dorado Mall and got some tacos (really good!) and then saw Pirates of the Carribean, which was a lot of fun.
Friday - full day at work, and a lot more catching up.  We went to the temple after work and saw two of the Elders we worked with in Cuiabá so we took them to dinner over at the mall - all you can eat Pizza.  We ate too much, but they really loved it.
Saturday we did our usual cleaning in the morning, then some Brazilian friends (Kawai and Eliana) drove us over to Pico do Jaraguá - which is the highest peak here in São Paulo, which isn't really that high.  But it was a fun walk and we had to go up about 260 stairs to the radio and TV towers and had a beautiful view of the city of São Paulo, at least a lot of it.  
This is the back side of the mountain looking inland.
There is a 3-mile trail you can hike up from this side -
we didn't do that!

Different views of parts of the city.  This one shows just
a couple of the Radio and TV towers.

These are the Kawais, our friends that took us here.

This was taken looking down from the peak - as you
can see there is still Brazilian jungle not far from the city!

Came home and prepared our Temple Prep lesson.
Sunday we made it up and to church (it was harder than that phrase might indicate).  We taught our Temple Prep lesson and it went well, although a couple of the students weren't there.  They forgot to assign us a lunch appointment, which was nice for us because it was Fast Sunday!  We Skyped with the younger kids - Matt and family, and Becky and family were all in Texas and everyone was over at David's house for dinner (including James and family).  Too much fun.  Taylor took a new job in Denver, so Jenny and family will be moving, selling their house in Lehi.  Lizzie and Jason are moving up to Salt Lake soon.  Michelle had a doctor's appointment and is now on new meds.  Wow, a lot happens in our family each week or two!!
Love to all,
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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