Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 37

OK, Another awesome week in paradise.
Monday - another "catch-up" day at work.  Afterward, Sister Cox gave the FHE lesson.  She presented the work her graduate students did at BYU, which is a book on Strengthening Families - kind of a manual that could be used for Family Home Evenings.  It was designed to be used around the world and we got copies in both English and Portuguese.  President and Sister Thomas, from the São Paulo West mission, brought pizza for dinner - which was awesome.  Last week (in my absence), the couples voted not to have dinner after FHE anymore, apparently some felt it was too much of a burden.  (So, those who weren't in agreement have started a little "sub-group" and we go out to eat after FHE each Monday!)
Tuesday - normal work day, and afterward we taught our English class and they were happy to see us after a couple weeks away.  Mom had them play "Hokey, Pokey" to help learn the body parts and everyone thought it was just great fun.  After class we hurried home because Mom was hosting the "girl's night" with the other Sisters.  They get together once a month and talk about a book they read, among other things.
Wednesday - we went in to work and then went over to the temple to attend a session with Sister Jeronymo from the Cuiabá mission.  Her mother and sister were both going through the temple for the first time.  It was a very special experience.  And our bishop from the Perdizes ward where we attend was also in the same session.  We had lunch afterward then back for a special devotional with the Area Presidency.  President Costa, the area president, is being released in August and will move to Salt Lake City to be on the Missionary Committee for the church.  It was a very special meeting for us also because they had invited Elder Mercês, the Elder we love from Cuiabá that did the drawings for us, to show up and surprise President Costa.  They have been friends for a long time and it was really fun to have Elder Mercês come out of "hiding" and give President Costa big hug.  He then spoke a little about President Costa (and he said he had the pleasure of knowing us in Cuiabá, so our heads swelled a little bit... tiny bit).  He then showed a cartoon that he made of Elder Costa that had Batman taking off his mask and it was Elder Costa - very funny.  I wish I had asked for a copy.  Afterward, we took Elder Mercês and Elder Freire out to dinner for Pizza at Margahritas, which was awesome.
Thursday - long day at the office.  Saw Elder Mercês again just quickly to say good-bye.  

Mercês, Freire, Us, Pres & Sis Costa
Mom worked a bunch on our FHE lesson for next week, The Living Christ.  Mary made a video that we will show, like we did for the Family Proclamation - she keeps saving us with awesome videos!
Friday - a LOT done at the office today.  Tonight we took a bus out toward the Perdizes Stake Center, then walked the rest of the way since there was a baptism that we were going to.  It was the grand-daughter of Inez, one of our favorite Sisters in Perdizes Ward.  We arrived quite a bit early because we weren't sure where it was, so we went over to the Restrô restaurant (combination of Restaurant and Bistrô!) and got a burger.  It was delicious, and Mom even let me tip them it was so good (tips are not normally given in Brazil).  The baptism was scheduled to begin at 7:00pm and ended up starting at 8:07pm! (Mom won the bet.)  We came home on Uber since it was late, and our Uber driver had lived in the US where his wife and two daughters still live.
Saturday - did some cleaning and some shopping then went up to the mall and saw Wonder Woman (it's in English here too).  We took Saulo Freire and his girlfriend, Paola.  It was quite funny because we had him order some popcorn and drinks - figuring that since he was Brazilian it would be easier and we wouldn't mess it up somehow.  The lady behind the counter kept giving him different options and he would look over at me and I would nod approval and he would tell her yes.  So, shortly after he finished ordering, she started bringing over everything that we had ordered - one huge (mega) popcorn, two drinks... 1 big bucket of popcorn in a Wonder Woman bucket with headband... wait for it... and two more large re-fillable popcorn containers (yes, full of popcorn)!  It was too funny and we had a good laugh, but I think that he was a bit embarrassed by it all.  Besides the great memory, we also ended up with way too much popcorn to eat - good times.
Sunday - stake conference, so since we weren't feeling all that well we went over to the Morumbi ward instead, which was nice because it gave us the whole afternoon free.  We Skyed with the older kids.
Love to all,
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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