Monday, July 17, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 42

I'm going to start the blog today with a request for help in identifying the person that came in our St George home and stole my stuffed pink pig (my fave!).  Our security camera just picked up a quick picture of the perp on her way out... (she's cute!)

At least she smiled for the camera!
Monday - It was hard to get up this morning, so we skipped the gym and went in to work to find that Deborah wasn't in today.  After working in the office we had FHE, presented by Elder Shumway on Religious Liberty.  He highlighted many quotes by church leaders and referenced a talk given by Dallin Oaks.  In summary, conflicts between civil rights laws and freedom of religion are presenting challenges to all religions.  We ate dinner at Pão de Açucar ("sugar bread" - the name of a grocery story).  It was good and we met a very nice couple at our table, she is Brazilian and he is German.  They both spoke English and it was a nice contact to make.  We told them they should come visit us in St. George when we get home.
Tuesday - Mirian, our new employee, was the only one at the office this morning!  The 7 missionaries with overdue visa renewals all got done today - which means I didn't have any overdue renewals again (which lasted 2 days!).  This is kind of a big deal, we cover all 34 missions and hundreds of renewals each month... :)  After work, we taught our English class and wrapped up our series on Shopping by going over to the mall and practicing!  The class had a lot of fun and all thanked us many times.  At the end of class we bought them each a little ice cream cone.
Wednesday - Neither of us was feeling well and when we went home for lunch Mom got an eye migraine and couldn't see very well out of one eye (I was going to say "one freakin' eye").  We just stayed home in the afternoon and rested.
Thursday - Mom still wasn't feeling well, so I went into the office while she stayed home and rested up.
Friday - Today we went to the Dermatologist and I had several little "blemishes" burned off and Mom had one done on her back.  Next week, I go in to get a couple cut off - fun!  When we went in to work this afternoon, Daniel's wife and baby were visiting.  His baby loved Mom, what's not to love?!

Mom with Daniel's baby
Saturday - we just cleaned, went to the gym, then this afternoon we went to a ward party - Junina, the fall festival.  It was well attended and President and Sister Thomas also came!

This is actually our third Junina Festival this year!

Some of the goodies at the party - the two big cakes (one is
cinnamon rolls) in aluminum foil were brought by us.

President and Sister Thomas and us.
Sunday - went to church, taught our Temple Preparation class, had lunch with Sandra and Anthony from the ward.  It was very nice, with a lot of food - not unusual, I know.  

Lunch with Sandra and Anthony after church

Getting home was a little dicey since I had left my phone home, but it all worked out fine and we made it home to Skype with the younger kids.  Mom has been checking in on Grandma every day because she had her other knee replaced.  She's doing well.
Love to All
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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