Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 38

Well, we got behind again, still trying to catch up!
Monday was "Dia dos Namorados" or Valentines Day here in Brazil.  We (really Mom) gave our FHE lesson - my part was primarily to help with translating into Portuguese, but no Brazilians came this time so I just did some fill-in while Mom presented the lesson.  We presented "The Living Christ" with the help of Mary's awesome video on the topic.  Afterward we went to dinner with the Sharmahds to a new Mexican place called "El Mariachi", and since it was Valentine's Day there was a live Mariachi band playing.  The food, company, and ambiance were great.

All the band members were from Mexico - Authentic!

Tuesday we caught up on most of our work at the office, then at lunch time we went over and finally signed up at the gym so we can try to be a bit healthier.  We taught our English class and it went well.  We made some hamburgers from some ground up "steak" that we found at the store - they were very good.
Wednesday, office work, then afterward we went to the temple with the intention of doing sealings.  But all the sealers were in a meeting with the area presidency, so we did an endowment session instead.  Oh, this morning we went to the gym for the first time.
Thursday was a holiday here in Brazil so we didn't have to work in the office.  We did some shopping and cleaning and we went to work out again at the gym.  For lunch we had a really good burrito at El Dorado mall.
Friday we got a ton done again at the office.  Afterward we went over to Shumways and had tostadas that were really good.  We played 5-Crowns and Mom won...again.
Saturday we hosted (planned and directed) a trip to 25th of March, which is a famous street here in São Paulo that has tons of shopping - little stores with everything under the sun.  I bought 10 rings (like wedding rings, but all fake) for under US $20 for all of them. 

This is how crowded 25th of March was!

OK, only 9 of the 10 rings are in the picture.

Then we went over to the Mercado Municipal (municipal marketplace) and bought the famous "Mortadella" sandwich - kind of a combination between bologna and pastrami.  

Inside the huge Marketplace building

We think it might have been a church before - you can
see the stained glass windows in the background

Outside the Market - very cool architecture

The sandwiches were huge, and since I was getting them for everyone, I way overbought!  But it was fun and we really liked the sandwich - but not everyone did.  We returned home by bus and by subway, so the trip was fun as well.  That night we went over to the Morumbi Ward where they were having a "Junina" festival, kind of like a harvest festival for fall (remember seasons are opposite here in Brazil).  They had tons of food and a live band.  It was great - Mom had worn a straw hat and put on freckles for the occasion.

They had this fun photo backdrop, so we got one!

It was quite the party - a lot of food

All the kids there were dressed up as well.
I love this picture because I said I wanted
to take their picture and they quickly got
in this pose without any prompting!

Sunday was a huge "Gay Rights" parade in Sao Paulo, but we made it to the Perdizes Ward without a problem.  We taught our Temple Preparation class and then had lunch at Helio and Norma's house again - with the sister missionaries as well.  

Both these sisters speak some English, and both
could pass for Americans by looks - but they are
both Brazilian (Hélio and Norma could not pass
for Americans :)

We took Uber home to avoid the downtown mess (over 3 million people from all over the world come to SP for this event).  It was Father's Day in the US, so most of the kids called and it was fun to talk or Skype with them, as always.

Love to all
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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