Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 44

Hi all, almost to the end of July.  Here are this week's occurrences:
Monday after we finished up our office work, we had an FHE lesson by Sister Anderson on the Pioneers - highlighting the talk by J. Reuben Clark (I think that's who it was by) talking about the last wagon in the wagon train, and the characteristics of those in the last wagon.  It was fun and afterward we had a potluck dinner with all the couples.  We found out that Renata (friend from Cuiabá) was coming tomorrow to spend time at the temple because her marriage is having trouble.  Super sad for us because she and her husband were always very nice to us - John, Michelle, and Liz will remember that they fed us dessert our last Sunday in Cuiabá.  They have two cute little boys.
Tuesday we went to see the doctor for Mom's diabetes, because her sugar has refused to get under control - even with a strict diet.  He prescribed a new medicine that combines Metformin with another diabetes help.  He spoke English pretty well ("This will down your sugar"😀).  So she is on the new medication for 4 weeks and then more tests to see how it's working.  We taught our English class and Renata joined in after spending most of the day at the temple.  Today the new couple, the Moores, arrived from the US - She is Pat Brady's sister, and we worked with them shortly in Boston before we came to Cuiabá on the last mission.  We all went out to dinner to welcome them, as is our custom, and it was fun.  We invited Renata also and she enjoyed the company and the English practice.
Wednesday we got a lot done in the office and I am spending time getting everything ready to help the other couples get their bus and subway passes.  Mom and I got ours several months ago and now the couples are realizing how nice they are.  My back has been hurting the last few days, so I've been taking some medications that tire me out, so when we got home I just had some dinner and went to bed - Mom had made some awesome chips and guacamole.
Thursday I made the trip with three couples down to the transit station and applied for their bus passes and all went well.  After work, we went to the mall with the Moores to show them around, then dropped by WalMart to get more groceries and household items for them.  When we got home, Renata also arrived so we had dinner together.
Friday we went back to the dermatologist and had our stitches removed from the small surgeries she had done.  That went smoothly then back to the office, while Mom waited with Renata until she left for home at 3pm (actually, she wasn't going home, she was headed to her mom's house... sad).  The Moores were celebrating their anniversary and asked us to go to dinner with them at a churrascaria near by.  The food was excellent and we had a good time.  

Moores & Harris's, at the Churrascaria
(Kind of funny because another waiter was taking a
photo the other direction!)

This was just a part of the salad bar!

David and John were hiking Mt. Whitney and we were quite worried about them as no one had heard anything and the hike was a very difficult and dangerous one.  When we got home, we kneeled down to pray for their safety and right as we ended the prayer, John called from the mountains to say they were all right and would summit and leave the next day!  What a wonderful blessing for us.  So, after the call, we knelt again, but this time in gratitude for so many blessings that we have been given.

Here's a picture they sent almost at the summit.
(Friend, David, John)

Saturday we did the usual cleaning and Mom made some pretty cool "weave bread" with meat and cheese in it (I may have contributed to the idea!) for a couples activity tonight.  

This means "Couples Get-together" (loosely translated)

Don't you love this cake, it looked awesome!

This was the group of couples at the event (we're just
off to the right of middle)

The activity was a lot of fun and we left about the time they started to eat.  Then we went over to Whitings to talk about our trip to Vitória and the long train ride.
Sunday we made it to church in plenty of time, taught our Sunday School class - this time the Single Adult class Gospel Doctrine as our temple prep class is finished.  We were both dead tired, so we did get in a nap when we got home, then Skyped with the younger kids!
Love to all
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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