Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 40

Monday was another good day at the office.  FHE was on diabetes - I know, kind of a strange topic, but we did learn a few things.  I got a new temple recommend as mine was about to expire.  Unfortunately I had to surrender my recommend from Cuiabá that I kind of wanted to keep.  But life goes on, and this recommend also only has one signature on it (just the mission president).
Tuesday, office work, then we taught our English class.
Wednesday morning we had the office Elders from the SP South mission over for breakfast and it was very nice to have them come.  We fed all 6 of them, two were Americans, the others Brazilian, but all spoke English.

Me with Elder Ferreira - mission secretary for
the São Paulo South Mission

Look at me, all selfie-ized!

We heard the announcement that Sister missionaries could now wear pants - kind of a big deal here because that meant that women working in the area office could also wear pants to work.  Our mission president determined that the Sister missionaries would not wear pants in this mission (São Paulo West) - they aren't as well received or as well treated when they are in pants.
Thursday morning I was asked to give a presentation on "Leading Like the Savior" to the IT department in the area office.  They asked me to present in English since they all speak English and wanted the practice.  So that made it a little easier to prepare and present.  I talked about the end goal of becoming like the Savior, so not just "doing" but "being".  Then I talked about my goal of being honest in my work - with the story of Salomon Brothers and the story of The Associates (the blank page that the CFO told me to write whatever I wanted to stay with the company).  Reminiscing like that sure reminds me of how blessed we have been and are.  They all liked my presentation and although they are supposed to rotate among the presenters the boss came by my desk later in the day to ask if I would present again next time.
On Friday we decided to go over to the temple in the morning, then we came home to rest up and went back to the office in the afternoon.  Mom went to lunch with her Portuguese class and they gave their teacher a gift - she teaches them for free each week.  When I got the office they had already started the staff meeting as Ricardo was going on vacation next week for three weeks, so things are going to be a scramble for sure - he's our supervisor. 

Thought I'd put in another temple picture...

Mom was worn out tonight so I went with some of the other seniors to get a hamburger at a place close by called Stunt Burger.
Saturday (new month!) I colored Mom's hair... maybe I wasn't supposed to put that in!  Then we went with several other couples to a big "feira", which was like a swap meet... but without the low prices.  We bought a few things at the Adidas outlet store, and a green lizard made out of paper maché, I think.  For lunch we ate at El Mariachi again, and it was delicious.  My leg was sore from working out yesterday, so we rested up this afternoon.
Sunday morning I could hardly walk so I sent a message to the bishop and said we weren't going to make it to the Perdizes ward.  I stayed home and Mom went over to Morumbi ward.  I was glad that I stayed home because I had to run (hobble) to the bathroom several times with the runs.  I got the monthly update done, then we Skyped with the younger kids.
Love you all
Church is True
Dad and Mom

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