Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 39

Today, Monday, June 19th was our "Hump Day" - which means our mission is half over!  We have been here 9 months and will be here another 9 months.  Mom stayed home this morning to catch up on things and I had a lot to do at the office.  After work, FHE was presented by Elder Whiting - it was on Sister Oscarson's talk "We Know, but Do We Believe?"  Afterward, we went to dinner with Sharmahds and Whitings to a new Chinese restaurant that we hadn't tried yet.  It was great, with big helpings and it was inexpensive as well.  We didn't get home until about 10pm, but it was worth it.
Tuesday we got up early and went to the gym, then worked in the office, then taught our class.  It was the first of a series of classes on "shopping".
Wednesday - gym again (OK, I'll stop reporting this unless it's something noteworthy!).  We went to the temple after the office and then invited Shumways over for dinner (they were in our session at the temple).  We had baked potatoes with chili and other toppings - very good.  We played a short version of 5-crowns and Elder Shumway won with 0 points!
Thursday was office work, gym (I know), study.
Friday we slept in a little and then walked to the Albert Einstein Hospital, where Mom had to get some blood work done.  We found our way around, registered, got our "password", had to blood drawn, got a little free lunch afterward, and were done in about an hour!  Seriously, this hospital was very much like a well-run hospital in the US.  

Beautiful Flower growing on a tree on the way to the Hospital

Albert Einstein Hospital (Jewish Hospital)

Another gorgeous flower (on a tree!) on the way home

We walked back home (about 1.5 miles), and then worked in the office in the afternoon.  After work we went to dinner with Sharmahds because it was Willa's birthday (Sister Sharmahd).  We ate at a nice Churrascaria, and the meat was delicious, as was the salad bar.

Elder Whiting at the Churrascaria

This was the dessert bar

Sister Sharmahd with her cake (only 1 candle?!)

Saturday we did the usual cleaning, then went out to EMBU (the arts place just outside of SP), with some of the other couples.  We didn't buy much, then we came home and worked on our presentation that we were asked to do for the couples in another ward.  It was their ward conference and they asked us to present on strengthening families.  We got picked up by a member of the stake presidency (10 minutes early!!), the presentation went well - it was all in Portuguese, of course, and Mom was brave enough to do half of it.  We switched back and forth on things the help a family stay strong - faith, work, forgiveness, wholesome recreational activities, etc.  After the meeting we had a little pizza then came home by UBER.

This was at the church, where they had decorated the
Rec Hall for dinner and a dance (fortunately we HAD
to leave before the dance!)

Sunday we made it out to church on time again.  We taught our temple prep class then last minute I was asked to teach our High Priest lesson.  It was fine and we had a lot of participation, so that helps.  We are blessed when we serve, and more blessed when we serve under difficult circumstances!  Skyped with the kids.
Love to all
The Church is True
Dad and Mom

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