Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 30

I think we're getting a little behind, so we'll catch up this week sometime.
Monday (4/24) seemed like a very long day at work.  Jouber started his vacation for 3 weeks.  We did get a lot done.  FHE was by Sister Cox and she had each couple tell about themselves, a "Getting to Know You" activity.
Tuesday we taught our English class after working in the office. We played a few rounds of Bingo with the students and it was fun, and definitely a learning exercise :)  We walked over to the mall afterward and bought a few groceries and picked up some money at the bank - not in that order.
Wednesday we worked quite a bit again - the FM group folks came by and changed our internet name and password so for the next few days it only worked intermittently - it had worked for six months without a glitch after I put in a new user name and password shortly after we arrived.  You see more on this episode in tomorrow's note. Tonight we went with the Sondereggers (last meal), Shumways, and Sister Cox to the Mancini Italian restaurant (where we went with Celso from Cuiabá).  The Lasanga was delicious... again. 

Inside the Restaurant, a lot of "Atmosphere"!

The fountain at the entrance to the street, the
Mancini family owns the whole street and they
have several (5 I think) restaurants on it.

I know it's not a great picture, but I tried to get more of
the street in the shot (next to the Fountain)
Walking to the bus stop after was a bit dicey, but we made it home just fine.  Oh, Mom had another "fell into her purse event", if you know what I mean.  This time the really nice silk napkin from the restaurant FELL into her purse and she found it there when we got home.  Yes, a little embarrassing.
Thursday the maintenance folks had to come by as our internet wasnt't working at all!  So, after playing around for awhile they decided it was the router that had gone bad and they went and bought a new one and installed it.  It worked after I finished setting it up for them.  Tomorrow I will have another entry on this topic (seriously!).
Friday was another long day in the travel department.  After work we went to the temple and it was great.  Afterward we saw Ricardo (our supervisor, really nice guy), who had just gotten sealed to his mother and now-deceased father, with his brother (who was our stake president when we first arrived in São Paulo).  It was very cool to see them there.  The maintenance people had to come by once again to "fix" the internet problems and put in yet another username and password.
Saturday we had dinner with the Whitings, the new couple next door.  They are super nice, he's a doctor and she's a nurse and neither one speak Portuguese.  Passeys also came over, so it was a nice visit and meal.
Sunday we were a little concerned about making it to Perdizes ward because there had been a bus strike over the weekend, but we made it with no problem - which was a good thing because Mom had to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting!  It went very well and she got a lot of nice comments afterward.  We didn't teach our Temple Prep lesson again, and didn't have a lunch appointment so we went home after church, then Skyped later with the older kids - James and Amanda are buying a house!

Love you all.
The Church is True.
Dad and Mom

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