Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 31

Well, like I promised I am trying to catch up this week... I know it's Saturday!  Lay off me... 😁
Monday was a holiday here, so we did more cleaning and organizing.  We had the Whitings over for dinner, potato bar with chili.  It was fun and they are nice folks.  No Couples' FHE because of the holiday.
Tuesday we had a staff meeting in the office and found out that Elder Costa is being released as the Area President and Elder Aidukaites is taking his place.  We taught our English Class after work and it was another full group.  We went for a walk to get Mom some exercise as her sugar was still high this week.
Wednesday was a very busy day in the office.  After work we went with the Whitings to the temple and it was a very nice session - but very small.  Neither Mom nor I were feeling well today.

I keep getting fun temple pictures because we
are always walking by it.  This one with the
Brazilian flag...

Thursday I got up early and went with the Whitings to the Police Station to help with their government registration (for all foreigners coming into Brazil).  It went very well, with Fabiano's help - he is a person that the church pays to expedite government processes at the Police Station.  After work we ran into Marcelo and Renata from Cuiabá, what a pleasant surprise.  They took us out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the "Liberdade" neighborhood, which is a predominantly Asian neighborhood here in São Paulo.  It was very good food, but we ate a lot because it was all-you-can-eat.

Marcelo, Renata, and David, their youngest

Friday I finished my Mission President report for Ricardo and Deborah - this is only important because I promised it this week in the staff meeting on Tuesday!  Tonight a couple that we had recently befriended took us out to eat...again.  And, once again, we went to an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant and it was very good.  It was by our apartment so we just walked over, but when we came out it was raining so the wife made the husband walk over to their apartment and get their car to take us home.  It was amusing.

Eliane (no, not Elaine) and Mom at the Japanese Restaurant

Saturday we went to the early morning Feira and bought vegetables.  

They always have a lot of fish, and cool displays

I didn't realize there were this many types of potato!

Later we went with some couples to Ibirapuera park and walked around.  Mom almost bought a nativity, but it was R$1,000 (about US$330) - hand-carved and pretty big, so she decided not to.  So another couple (Salisburys) went ahead and bought it!

Nice skyline shot of some of São Paulo

A lot of the trees were in bloom, beautiful

So, cows of different colors and design have shown up all
around the city, we don't know why...yet.  This one was at
the park.

Gorgeous flower at the park

It was a beautiful day, so everything was lovely

Mom was even conquering her fears - this was a huge spider
sculpture, luckily it was behind glass...

Sunday was our first really bad transporation day for buses to our Ward in Perdizes.  We had to take alternative buses each leg of the trip and then walk a bit in the end.  We got to church about 20 mintues late!  This is the first time we've been late to church here in Brazil - not bad for 7 months.  After Sacrament Meeting we were told that we weren't going to teach again, so we have yet another week of preparation.  After church we went over to Mike and Carliana's house for lunch - it's nice because we speak English there since he's American and they used to live in the US.  After lunch we made it home on the bus, rested some, then Skyped with the younger kids.

Love to all,
The Church is True,
Dad and Mom

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