Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mission 2 - Week 32

Well, we had caught up and then got behind again.
This week was another great week.  We started off on Monday with a Family Home Evening Lesson on the development of the brain in children.  It was presented by Elder Sharmahd, one of our doctors here.  He talked about the importance of interaction with kids, especially at young ages, like 1-4 years old.  The full development of the brain is dependent on this interaction and attention to them.
Tuesday was another busy day at the office, with Jouber still on vacation there is a lot more to do.  We taught our English class and they surprised Mom with a bunch of gifts and sang "Mother, I Love You" in English, it was very tender.  Afterward, Mom went to "book night" with the other Sisters.
Wednesday we went to the temple after work and did sealings with some of the other couples.
Thursday we walked over to the transit office to find out what happened to our "everything" transit passes and found out that they were never mailed to us but instead were waiting at the main transportation office in downtown São Paulo.

 Friday morning we fed the Elders from the South mission French Toast for breakfast, then went to work in the office for awhile. 

Secretaries from the São Paulo South Mission
Afterward we took a bus then Uber to the main transit office downtown and finally picked up our bus and Metro (subway) passes!  We used them on the Metro coming home and they were great to have.

We saw some pretty cool government buildings on our way.
And there was a demonstration going on outside the building!

Here they are!

We went back over to work for awhile then went to see Guardians of the Galaxy II with Sharmahds and Sister Cox.

Saturday we went to the MASP (Museum of Art, São Paulo) art museum, which is a very nice museum with some classic art work like Rembrandt, Van Gough, Renoir, etc.  It was fun and we found one painting called Bryce Canyon!  

You probably guessed, but this is Bryce Canyon!

We had lunch at La Mexicana restuarant and were able to buy some corn tortillas from them - they don't have corn tortillas here in Brazil at the stores.

On the way home I got this cool shot of a
glass building with the blue sky and clouds
reflecting in it...
Sunday we barely made it to church on our usual two-bus ride, but we got there in time and it was a lovely mother's day meeting.  We taught our Temple Preparation lesson for the first time and it went well, we have about 10 people in the class.  We came home and Skyped with most of the kids since it was Mother's Day and it was very nice.

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